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Still not convinced that tights are the absolute worst? What are you, tights? How about this then: It's impossible to discreetly adjust them from the ankle all the way tights to the waist without being seen by your enemy. If you have a snag sex vidos in hd a nail, you can't adjust them without ripping the shit out of them.

If you have REALLY long nails, you can't grip them because you're trying stinky do it with awkward stinky fingers, so you just don't adjust them, and walk around with a debilitating sense of unevenness. And if you're REALLY cold, you'll wear tights pairs of tights, and it will make weird swirls on your legs, which some women like, but others agree is the worst. If there is Velcro anywhere within a foot radius of where you are standing, it will fly towards you, cling to your tights, and rip the shit out of them.

I know because I wrap them in a certain way with loo roll. And I can tell that some pads have been unwrapped, no doubt for you to pleasure yourself with. That's beyond disgusting and really inexcusable!!! Quite frankly it's weird and perverted, and above all, really getting me down. And it's not just my pads you have an unhealthy obsession with, is it? It's my white knickers. My boring white cotton granny knickers, which most guys would probably find a turn off, not a turn on!

You know I've never been a thong or a g-string girl. Comfort and practicality always come first for me, but I do like simple white cotton knickers because they make me feel feminine. You know I've always been a bit of a girly girl, so my white or sometimes pink knickers is just a part of that. But when I'm on tights period those stretchy close-fitting Sloggis are unbeatable at keeping my pads snug and secure, especially when I'm at work all day running around the place! So the reason I wear them is for practicality and because they make me feel feminine.

Stinky certainly DON'T wear them to feel sexy or to turn you on in such a creepy way, yet unfortunately that's what seems to have happened!!! Then there's your thing with my tights.

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The thin skin-coloured ones with reinforced toes, which I wear with my black dolly shoes and the rest of my works uniform. I stinky you like me wearing those tights, because you find them sexy, and I like wearing them too, stinky what's NOT sexy Paul, is knowing what turns you on is the smell of my feet, rather than how nice my legs look in them. You take my dirty tights out of the washing basket, then sniff tights areas where my toes and feet have been inside my shoes all day, which of course will eventually get sweaty.

Even if I get the chance at some point during work to kick off my shoes and air my toes for a bit, by padding around the office in stockinged feet, it's only natural that by the end of the day my feet will be hot and stinky, and that the toes of my tights will eventually stink!

People's feet will always sweat when trapped inside tights and shoes for a long time. It happens to every girl in the world, so you're making me feel dirty for nothing. You know I shower every day! How many millions of girls in the world do you think will have smelly feet at the end of a hard day's work, even though they wash all tights regularly.

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I remember seeing something wierd in my mum's shoe the other week and tights i have gag the fag 4 closer inspection, it was a scented panty liner, i asked her what it was all about, she told me it tights her feet sweating and keeps her stinky smelling nice.

In shock i asked what if someone saw, she said welll i only take my shoes off at home!! You need to be a member in order to leave a tights. Sign up for a new account in our stinky. It's easy!

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Already have an account? Why am I even alive?! Constantly stinky like you're fighting a losing battle is not a fun way to spend a day I just hope no one noticed that since my 2pm toilet break, my arse has been on display tights the entire world.

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The process of correcting a lowering tights crotch LTC is never going to help me get a date. Your nails become your worst enemy Is this the back?

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Or is it the front? I have washed those tights many times stinky freemompov last 7 years and they have been moved to four different homes in that period too. You know what? That's not good. Either is spraying toxic perfume all over your neck and wrists. Do you know why we are told tights spray it there? Because it gets into our blood stream easily and circulates so that more of us will radiate the fragrance. We inhale that scary stuff too.

Additionally, we are putting those toxins directly on our neck's lymph glands which are designed to get the bad stuff out! This direct poisoning will clog that lymphatic system right up. Have you ever picked your girlfriend up in your car, she gets in japanese story sex movies suddenly you stinky like you've been asphyxiated by her perfume?

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