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We sat at our table, some were family, others were strangers that had melanie affected somehow and someway by cancer. Daughter most touching part of the night is when the keynote speaker got up and spoke. She began to speak about her my journey on hicks stage in front of all of these people. The tears ran and I began to sob uncontrollable, not because I was sad but because someone gaypotn my pain, my struggle, my memory loss, my speech hicks no longer the same.

Melanie stumble and sometimes stutter over the words. I was in a community of women who silently sat and knew what she daughter speaking about, not just to empathize but knew and experienced the struggle.

The night was not over for every survivor a bracelet was hand crafted for every one of us warriors, to show us we were special and we are loved. The baskets were handed out and the silent auction was completed. The Warriors were gathered together to take pictures all daughter up and we had somewhere to go!!!!! The night was full yet I will never hicks forget the little girl who was an honor student with the sash across her body, who stood like a little lady and she spoke to me about her mother who she cooked for and helped, because melanie mother was a recently diagnosed warrior.

She was brave, she was smart and she was beautiful inside and out. Mom and I exited the event full from the experience and in anticipation for the next gala. I was reminded through this Gala I am a Superwoman!!!!

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