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The video of the compositions refer to the Latin names of various animal species living in the arctic: Perhaps a parallel exists between the beauty, innocence and fragility of bellezza newborn baby girl and that of the flora and fauna present in the fragile Arctic ecosystems? Netherworld's answer is in the soundscapes of "Algida Bellezza".

The cover photo was taken in Greenland video photographer Carsten Egevang for the Qimmeq project. The project aims to show the importance of the Greenland sled dog — both in present-day Greenland and in the past. bellezza

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But both the sled dog and the culture that goes with it are threatened with extinction. The dog population has been reduced japanese with monster cock 31 dogs twenty years ago to a present low of less than 15 and the situation is growing worse.

Decreasing sea-ice cover due to climate warming and competition from snowmobiles is held responsible for the present alarming situation.

This is a record of muffled and sombre drones, one that conjures up mental images that are as icy as its cover artwork.

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