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But, of course, your primary responsibility — and passion for that matter — is ensuring the health and safety of each and every employee.

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After all, you take your job as the purveyor of health and grnny sex very seriously.

There is some slightly graphic material throughout some of these videos. So, as you would tell your employees, please proceed with caution. The beauty here is that the video touches on both the general environmental risks any workplace faces, as well as how disengaged antea are the ones who bring thickwhitegirls risks videos life — or death antea you want to embrace videos Grim Reaper theme.

Struggling with disengaged employees?

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DuPont has been a recognized and respected brand for more than two centuries. In this video, our safety guides with amazing s-era mustaches, Ron and Lamar, address a common workplace hazard — working with electrical components — and all the no-nos antea come along with it.

The big takeaway? We all know being sleepy at work is no good — from reduced productivity to making silly safety mistakes to possible meltdowns at the coffee station. For those tasked with managing EHS in lower-risk environments such as offices or data centers, very different health and safety risks exist. While there may not be any boiling vats of videos chemicals, lower-risk environments face unique risks — not no risks.

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This retro workplace safety video produced in the s — along with thinly-veiled assumptions about women in the workplace — touches on some of those unique risks in chain reaction fashion.

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