Cool Tool Digital Media Pvt. Ltd. (DigiMed)

was established in 2011, Kathmandu, Nepal. Located at New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, 2nd floor, NIC Asia Bank. Beside of Everest Hotel. DigiMed has the incomparable experience and renowned expertise in radio signal planning, coverage analysis and strength measurements. Our consulting services are available for the large spectrum of radio and broadcast technologies including Wi-Fi, cellular mobile, FM Radio, Television (Terrestrial/Satellite), microwave, and GPS. Our services cover the entire activities from technical planning to project designing that includes the GIS outputs and relevant equipment supply. Using a range of RF tools, signal measurement parameters, software and analysis equipment, we do field activities and wireless projects that can be configured to individual client requirements.

As one of our flagship services, we provide one of the best radio planning, analyses, measurements and coverage prediction services with detailed output producing highly accurate GIS maps. We use multiple geographic elevation/terrain models, range of tools and relevant technology for generating the outputs that confirm to the ITU-R recommendations and international standards. Graphics layers and background data such as administrative boundaries, roads, settlements and any client-specific data can be added to these maps.

Additionally, we also provide equipment selection services for your technical needs - in the startup phase, for upgrades or for the general operations. These equipment are available for a large spectrum of radio and broadcast technologies including WiFi, FM, Terrestrial and Satellite Television.

• for one-stop digital broadcasting solutions (HD-FM, DRM, DAB+, DVB-T, DVB-S, DVB-H)
• for complete site survey, RF planning, radio signal coverage analysis & signal mapping services
• for wide-ranging remote broadcasting solutions, point-to-point connectivity/Studio-Transmitter Links (wireless/opt-fiber, satellite, DTH)
• for all your online services such as online media streaming (audio, video), website development and mobile applications.
• for audio video content management, automation & media archive solutions for radio, television, music industry and content producers.

DigiMed is focused, but not limited to, these primary services:
• Digital Radio Broadcasting (RDS, HD-FM, DRM and DAB+)
• Digital Television Broadcasting (DVB, DVB-T, DVB-S, DVB-H)
• Remote Broadcasting & Studio-Transmitter Links
• Online Media Streaming Solutions (Audio, Video)• Content Management, Automation & Archive Solutions